Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Checking on You

Hi! We're getting closer to the end of year 2015, right? How time flies so fast. Must be lots of things happened within this year and everybody of course hoping much better for the next year. Oh well, every years people will do the same thing actually. hehe. *wink!*

This year has been a great year to me. Though it's late but I would like to announce that I'm officially graduated from early childhood bach. school! Yeayy!! I survive 3 years to finish my study and finally i'm done with it. Besides i'm met lots of people, met new friends, new environment, new attitude, new memories and etc. You name it :P . Can't listed all of it. All of it were the great things happened in my life ever! But the most important thing happened to me was, this year taught me a lot of being a person :') 

Btw,i'm a bit awkward writing here after i left this site quite several time for a very longggg period. i know :D haha. Ohh come on, i know this is not the first time i did it. HuaHua. So, how have you all been this all time? Did you make a new friends too just like me? Did you found new love? *ehemm* Did you create new memories? huhuhu. I'm pretty sure that you did lorrhh. haihh apa yang aku bebelkan nih? you give yay or nay? :P hahahha

Oh myy, i really not good to express everything in words hahaha. feel bad for that though. Serious talk i would like to share many things here but it's seems like i've lost all of my stories behind. haihh -.-"


Anyway, hoping the new great thing happen for the next phase. On slow girl -.^ 
give some space for you to breath. The thing will be at it's place when it's time. Keep going. Keep in faith. That's that.

# Ohh yeahh, sorry i post no picture huhu XD

Till then xoxo

"If you're not strong enough to face yourself, be the one who's strong enough to keep going"